Text taken from the Foreword of the 1963 PENINGIAN

Our high school was built in 1933 on the grounds of what was once the Port Chester Country Club.  The initial stages of planning involved acquiring 23 acres of land at a cost of $175,000.  The architects, Tooker and Marsh, designed a structure to cost in the vicinity of $1,000,000.  Although work began in 1930, occupancy did not take place until February 1932, with the first full graduation exercise taking place in June 1933.  The size of the building was in itself astounding.  A total of 140,000 square feet was thought to be adequate.  Included was a gymnasium measuring 94 by 72 feet, an auditorium seating 1250 persons, 38 classrooms, a library, two study halls, and four shops.  A model apartment for the homemaking class and a student cafeteria, and kitchen were also provided.  Looking at the exterior, the villagers saw a tower rising 135 feet and faced with a clock seven feet in diameter.  An electric master clock synchronizing all individual clocks in the building was also installed.  complete radio equipment and an electric fire alarm system completed the plans.  A slate and copper roof accentuated the beauty of the Harvard-type brick exterior.  Our school is indeed an outstanding masterpiece of design even though it was built in an era of austerity.  Despite frequent updating such as new lighting systems and advanced equipment, the past lingers charmingly on.  Were our school rebuilt today (1963), it is estimated that it's cost would be more than three times as much.  Our motto, so aptly inscribed over the entrance doors, is as timely today as it always was and forever more will be........................"TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE ARE THE FRUITS OF LEARNING". 

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